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  • Account Management : How do I Register?
  • Shopping @ Cottage : How to shop @ cottage?
  • Delivery : Do you deliver worldwide?
  • Safety : Is it safe to shop @ cottage?
  • Search : How do I search for the product of my interest?
  • Customer Service : How do I get in touch with Cottage for any help?
  • What is CCIC?
  • What are the products dealt with by CCIC?
  • How does CCIC source its products?
  • Who can become a supplier to CCIC?
  • How to become a supplier to CCIC?
  • Where to submit the applications for enrolment as a supplier?
  • What is the offer?
  • CCIC’s profile and background.
  • Whom to contact?
  • What is Ratio of Sales to stock in CCIC retail stores.
  • What is the look of the store?
  • What is the minimum area required for a CCIC retail showroom?
  • What is the expected sales / Profit in a CCIC Franchise showroom?
  • What is cost of fixtures per Sq. Ft.
  • What will be the design of / display / of store?
  • Is there a business plan / Project Report?
  • Who will undertake advertisement / Publicity of the franchise store?
  • What are the products / product range details?
  • What happens to goods that are received in damaged condition?
  • Is there any ceiling with respect to fixing the Selling Price?
  • Who will make the selection of goods? CCIC or franchisee?
  • How the payments will be made?
  • What will be the branding? In whose brand name the store will be run?