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White Tea

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Darjeeeling White Tea In Cutwork Wooden Box 50 Gms


₹ 1,149.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 1,149.00

Darjeeeling White Tea In Cutwork Wooden Box 50 Gms ..

Darjeeling White Tea Silver Needle In Tin Box 50 Grams


₹ 749.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 749.00

Darjeeling White Tea Silver Needle In Tin Box 50 Grams ..

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People are familiar with green tea, black tea, but white tea is something of which people are less aware.

White tea is considered one of the most delicate tea varieties as it is processed minimally. Furthermore, this variety of tea is harvested before the tea plant's leaves open completely when the young are as yet covered by fine white hairs, thus the name "white" tea. You might not be aware of a fact that imperial tea gardens were built in secret sometimes. This was performed to cultivate white tea. Poets consider white tea as being "white like the mists, green like a fantasy, unadulterated like snow, and as sweet-smelling as an orchid."

About White Tea

If you are looking for a website from where you can shop White tea, CCIC is the right platform. CCIC stands for Central Cottage Industries Emporium. CCIC is known for selling products which are handmade items, home decor items, etc. CCIC even offers different varieties of tea including Assam green tea and white tea. 

CCIC offers Darjeeling white tea in a beautiful wooden box with cutwork and trusts us, this 50 Gms box is worth a single penny. Another great product is Darjeeling White Tea Silver Needle in Tin Box. This 50 Gms is equally beautiful to Darjeeling white tea in a beautiful wooden box. Hence, pick the one that satisfies your needs. 

If you are someone who is trying this flavor for the first time and is health-conscious as well, don't worry about it. The box consists of the nutritional value as well. 

The best part of these two products is that the boxes used for packaging can be used for other purposes. From gifting to adding charm to your dressing table, this beautiful cutwork wooden box is perfect. On the other hand, the Tin box used in the second product is perfect to store small and cute products. 

Grab these products before they become out of stock.