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Khurja Pottery

Khurja Pottery Online in India

Khurja in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh is a famous center for its traditional potteries. If you take a look at the history of Khurja pottery, you would know that it all started in the thirteenth century by the families of the Afghans potters. Coming back to Khurja Pottery in Uttar Pradesh, the potter of this area has evolved a style of his own. He has given the craft patterns in relief with the use of thick slips. The tradition is relatively new in comparison with other pottery trends, through pottery itself is as basic form and texture of the tradition. the potter maintains the basic form and texture of the article. There are fine harmonious blends of colors which make the Khurja pottery online pleasing to the eye. The Khurja pottery craft fascinates not only because of the form but also, the texture of the craft items. The potter of Khurja also excels with the delights use of warm autumnal colors like orange, brown and a special light red. Floral design in the sky - blue are worked against a white background. A specialty of Khurja pottery is the pitcher-like form decorated in relief by a thick slip. These water pots are noted for their uniform green-blue glazes with a plane surface, the base being prepared from red clay. Khurja pottery is famous all over the country and is now finding a ready market abroad.

Making Khurja pottery is a lengthy procedure. It includes an arrangement of the clay, mud modelings, jigger and jolly procedure which is trailed by smoothening and painting of the pottery. After this, the sticker ornamentation and coating are completed, which increases the value of the pottery. In conclusion, the terminating procedure is completed which is commonly done in secured furnaces. Well, this is actually how Khurja pottery is made and this is the whole procedure for bringing out the best handicraft items online.

When you shop the collection of Khurja pottery online at CCIC, you would be able to find products that are colorful, useful and add ethnicity to your homes. The collection of soup bowls, vases, plates, and other cutlery items are available to make your dining experience all-the-more chic and classy. You can even plan to gift these affordable options to your loved ones on their special days as well. They would be delighted to have something worthy to be displayed on the table and enhance the beauty of their spaces. Shopping Khurja pottery online at CCIC are available at reasonable prices is an easy task. All you need to do is - choose from the filters that you’re looking for, add them to the cart, and complete the checkout process to get Khurja pottery products delivered at your doorstep.

The collection of Khurja pottery online is fantastic in terms of quality, prices and the shopping experience. No matter which part of the country you’re living in - you would be delighted to receive the containment at your doorstep without any damage caused to the Khurja pottery. Just go online at CCIC and pick your kind of Khurja pottery online at the best prices.

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Handicraft Khurja Pottery Coffee Mug


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Khurja pottery is traditional Indian pottery work manufactured in Khurja of the Bulandshahr district in Uttar Pradesh state, India. Khurja pottery has been protected under the Geograph..



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