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Studio Art Pottery

Studio pottery refers to pots and ceramic pieces that are produced by an individual potter. Studio pottery is generally seen as consisting of one-of-a-kind (aka one-off) pieces, as opposed to production pottery in which a porter creates a larger number of specific form. (This distinction is not always made, however).

In addition, studio potters may use various techniques and equipment,  but their work is inherently created through the potter's direct action on the clay. Studio pottery is never industrially produced, although some studio potters may do design work for industry.. 

Studio ceramics is very closely allied with studio pottery. To many people, the terms are used interchangeably. For others, “studio pottery” refers only to functioned ware, while “studio ceramics” includes functional and non-functional work, as long as it is made from clay and fired. 

The craft pieces are produced within a studio setting--- direct interaction of a craftsman on their media in order to produce the piece.

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BEER MUG doublegalze lined


₹280.00 Ex Tax: ₹280.00

BEER MUG doublegalze  lined ..

BOWL POTTERY 5inchall threeglaze


₹241.00 Ex Tax: ₹241.00

BOWL POTTERY 5inchall threeglaze ..

KATORI double glaze cb squre


₹162.00 Ex Tax: ₹162.00

KATORI double glaze cb squre ..

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